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Leadership: International Board of Directors

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Janet Gallinati


This is an exciting time for Parents Without Partners:  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A great time to come up with new and exciting events for the families in your chapter, region and zone.  I remember a Halloween party I planned for Huron Valley Regional Council.  You can find so many exciting things to make for a party they won’t forget.

For Thanksgiving plan a meal for the community.  Invite everyone you can think of.  There are people out there that have no place to go and are alone for the day.  If you plan something like this, be sure to let the press know and work on that chapter/region/zone award. 

For the Christmas holidays, you can do Toys for Tots or find a family in the area that may not have the money to make a holiday for their family.  The best part of Christmas is seeing the look on kids’ faces.  Better yet, have a holiday party and visit a woman’s abuse center and invite women and their kids to a holiday party and provide Santa and gifts and a home cooked meal.  These types of things get our name out in the community and brings that Christmas spirit home.

Beginning October 1, 2016 we started a membership drive.  We are having a contest on who can sign up the most new members and/or start the most new chapters.  Watch for rules and know that you can win a great prize:  4 nights stay at the 2017 Convention!!

Speaking of the convention, we have finalized the location.  We will be at the Clarion Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky.  The dates are July 19-22, 2017.  We read all the overall convention evaluation forms that attendees completed in Louisville, and we listened.  The two suggestions were:  a cheaper hotel and a hospitality room.  The rooms at the Clarion are $99/night and that will include a full breakfast every day!  We will also have a hospitality room every night as well.  We are also looking into having a BBQ on Friday night as a fundraiser.  They have grills outside by the pool area and they said we can use these.  There is also a great play area for the kids.  This past convention we had six kids attending and hope to have more next year.  There are video games and a half court basketball court that should keep them busy for a while.  We have done our best to accommodate the attendees in 2017.  Judy Goodman is already planning the pre-convention tour, and Mary Anne Britton is lining up speakers.  All we need is for you to mark your calendar and start saving!!  Just because we were in Kentucky in 2016 doesn’t mean that you “know” Kentucky.  The Lexington area is different than the Louisville area.  I would like everyone to take this to their membership and really sell the convention.

Anyone with any questions, please know that the International Board is here for you.  We are working on cutting cost and increasing income.  We are starting a major fundraising campaign, so if you have any connections please let me know.

Everyone have a great Halloween and will talk before the holidays.

Administrative Vice President

Judy Goodman

Greetings to All Single Parents...

My name is Judy Goodman and I live in Kentucky (the wonderful bluegrass state!). Some of you have not met me so let me take this opportunity to introduce myself: I have lived most of my life in Kentucky. I was married for almost 22 years and from that marriage I was blessed with two daughters, Regina and Leitha - three grandchildren. At various conventions, members have had the pleasure of meeting them. As a grandmother, I run a taxi service! I certainly enjoy seeing the and appreciate the opportunities to listen to them as they tell me their activities/events of the day! I am retired from Civil Service after 29+ years and I am still working as a Church Secretary. I enjoy working and hope to continue for a while longer.

PWP Experience: While I was still separated, I received a note containing information about a Parents Without Partners Chapter in the Lexington, KY area. I decided to contact the organization and behold there was a chili dinner planned for that weekend for both parents and their children. Am I so happy that I attended. I have been so blessed being a member of this organization. Through the years, I have either held or worked about every position in the organization.

Chapter Level (Single Parents in the Heart of the Bluegrass - Chapter 434)

  • Vice President of Family & Youth - At the time, I still had a young child at home and found this was a good way to learn something new with the activities planned as well as to meet other single parents.
  • Vice President of Educational Programming
  • Chapter President
  • Chapter Newsletter Editor

Regional Level (Mason Dixon Regional Council #86, Louisville, KY)

  • Vice President of Family & Youth
  • Vice President of Education Planning
  • Regional Council President
  • Regional Council Newsletter Editor

Zone Level (Zone D)

  • Vice President of Family & Educational Programming
  • Administrative Vice President
  • Zone President
  • Zone Newsletter Editor

International Board of Directors

  • Vice President of Family & Educational Programming
  • Recently elected to the position of Administrative Vice President 2015-2017

With this new position, as Administrative Vice President, I know the responsibilities will be overwhelming at times. Even though with previous experience within the organization, I know I will be calling many of you for advice and/or assistance.

Also, may I take this opportunity to tell you a little about our last International Convention held in Nashville, TN. Oh my goodness, what a time we had. The city itself was so entertaining and so full of history. The time allotted for the pre-convention tour was not enough in order to do an overview of Nashville. After attending so many International Conventions, we seemed to always find unusual and great places to eat. Nashville has so many well-known spots to visit. We were able to find a few of them! The convention itself was outstanding. The convention's personal growth speakers shared their subject knowledge in such a way that you did not want to miss a thing they were saying! The PWP workshops were again very informative to those attending so that they can take back to their chapters' - knowledge that will assist them in doing their prospective positions within the organization easier. Really, I was sad to see this year's convention end, I certainly enjoyed seeing everyone and especially the ones who attended the convention for the first time. By the evaluation sheets received at this convention, the comments received reflect the same thoughts!

Again, it is a pleasure to be able to serve the organization and appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve as Parents Without Partners, Inc. International Administrative Vice President. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Thank you Membership, Judy



Chris Manning

The Treasurer shall have custody of the corporate funds and securities and shall ensure that full and accurate accounts are kept of the receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the Corporation and that all monies or other valuable effects are deposited in the name, and to the credit of the Corporation in such depositories as may be designated by the IBOD; shall render to the President and the IBOD at the regular meetings of the IBOD, or whenever they may require it, an account of all transactions as Treasurer and of the financial conditions of the Corporation, shall Prepare and present a certified report annually, shall be bonded in such manner as is satisfactory to the IBOD.

Chris has been a member of Parents Without Parents for over 40 years and has been very involved at every level since joining Parents Without Partners.  She has served on her Chapter Boards, Regional Council, Zone H President, International Vice President of Programs & Education and Zone H Director.  
Chris has two children, Lisa and Craig (deceased) and grandmother of Taylor and Michael.  Chris enjoys doing craft fairs and garage sales and loves working in her yard and sitting on her deck reading and working on her crafts.  



Kay Morgan


 Vice President of Family & Educational Programming

Mary Anne Britton

 My name is. Mary Anne Britton and I have been a member of PWP since 1995. I have lived in Brighton, MI
area since 1994. I was married for 23years and have two children, Zac, who is a communications manager and Stefanie, a marketing manager, and yes like so many of you, I am extremely proud of both.

When I moved to Brighton, I was completing my MSA degree and was very new to the area. I knew no one.  I saw a listing for the local Parents Without Partners Livingston Chapter #564. I joined and slowly became very involved, I have held many positions within the chapter (except Treasurer). My first International Convention was in Philadelphia, PA, and I had so much fun and made many friends (who in many cases I stay in contact with). – Life Long Friends.

Below are some of the board positions I have held:

Chapter Level (Livingston County - Chapter 564)

√ Vice President of Family & Youth / Educational Programming
√ Chapter President
√ Amigos
√ Chapter Newsletter Editor

Regional Level (Huron Valley Regional Council #34, Metro Detroit, MI)

√ Vice President of Family & Youth
√ Vice President of Education Planning
√ Regional Council President

Zone Level (Zone D)

√ Vice President of Family & Educational Programming
International Board of Directors
√Vice President of Family & Educational Programming (2 different times)
√ Vice President of Membership
√ Single Parent Newsletter Editor since 2015

At the time, I had no plans to be a volunteer beyond chapter level, but a wonderful friend and longtime Parents Without Partners member, Bill Prince, told me the organization needed folks like me – so on to Regional Board, then on to Zone Board. When I went to the International Convention in Toronto, I met Marie Weller, past International President, and we became friends. She also became my mentor – I have very fond memories of my friend, and I enjoyed being on the International Board with her. I came back on the board 3 years ago, as my dear friend Janet Gallinati, International President, convinced me I still had much to contribute.

I have continued to Work on International Conventions through the years ensuring that the absolute best
programming is available to you, the member, and hopefully attendee. With other team members – we strive every year to provide fun events and experiences to those who attend the International Convention – Youth Program is fabulous- I can proudly say being on the various boards taught me a lot about myself and the “possibilities” within myself. I can say, I am proud to represent Parents Without Partners and the many roles I have played, the people I have helped. 

My personal growth has been tremendous – I learned, I shared, I succeeded. I enjoy putting the Single Parent Newsletter – monthly. It is a great marketing tool, communication tool, learning tool, and I hope you have enjoyed reading it through the years.

All my best
        Mary Anne Britton
International Vice President Family & Educational Programming

  Vice President of Membership

SueEllen Hayes


As the newly elected Int'l Vice President of Membership, SueEllen has been a long-time member of Parents Without Partners.  She has served on all levels of PWP doing one or more positions throughout her time in PWP. 

SueEllen grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in a town named Pleasant Hill.  During the years that her children were growing up, she spent time volunteering in Little League, programs for physically/mentally handicapped children, Ice Skating and Gymnastics.  She created a workshop on information for Alcohol/Drug Abuse for teens.


SueEllen recognizes her greatest accomplishments are her four (4) children:  Jeff, Christina, Michelle and Theresa. Three of these children are working continuously in the medical field to make things better for others.  She also has three (3) grandchildren and three (3) great-children.

Thank you for voting for me to represent you as VP of Membership, I promise to work hard and do Parents Without Partners proud.


Zone Presidents

Zone B President

Don Palermo

Don has been a member of Parents without Partners since 1993. Since that time, he has been on one of PWP’s boards every year at various levels throughout the organization. Don has served as Program & Education Chairperson, Camping Director, Vice President, and President of the Greater Rochester Chapter (formerly the Fairport Chapter). He has served as Vice President and President of Region Counsel 26, Treasurer of Zone B and is currently the President of Zone B.

During the past five years, Don was Zone B President for 3 years and a member of the International Board of Directors. As required, he took two years off the boards and then last year he was re-elected to the position of Zone B President and once again became a member of the International Board. During the time, he has been on the International Board he has served on the Budget and Finance Committee, and Nominating Committee. During 2010 Don was the Chairman of the International Convention Committee overseeing the International Convention that was held in Niagara Falls, New York.

Don grew up in Rochester, New York and graduated from RIT with a bachelor’s degree with a major in accounting. He is a CPA and has been a member of the AICPA and NYSSCPA’s since 1983. As an IRS Agent, he worked for the Internal Revenue Service for 35 years, retiring from the position of Northeast Area Manager of the Federal State and Local Government Division of the IRS in July 2007.  He served on the Board of Directors for the Combined Federal Campaign, which operated in conjunction with the United Way for nine years. Don was also a facilitator and on the Board of Directors of “Neutral Ground,” a support organization located in Rochester.

His children Michael and Laura were very active in PWP and enjoyed numerous family and youth functions conducted by the Rochester Chapter for many years.  Michael graduated from RIT and is currently serving in the Navy in Naval Intelligence where he was stationed in Hawaii, Seattle, and Denver. Laura graduated from RIT majoring in hotel management and is currently working for Marriott in Florida. She is also the beaming mother of a beautiful baby girl.

Don enjoys camping and as the Camping Director of the Greater Rochester Chapter, he has been responsible for setting up the PWP camping trips throughout the Upstate New York area for the past 15 years. During the year, he can be found camping throughout the eastern part of the country in his camper. During the winter months, he camps throughout the south sitting under a palm tree or living in his winter home in “The Villages” in sunny Florida.

Zone C President
Loree Mara


I joined PWP in 1992 as a single mom with three daughters (ages 12, 7, and 5) and one son (age 11).  I quickly was asked to run for Vice President of Family and Youth for our chapter, which I did. I have held many chapter officer positions including President, Vice President, Programs & Education, and Newsletter Editor. I have also held various positions at Regional and Zone levels of PWP. Since coming back on the IBOD as Zone C President, I am a member of the Awards Committee, Programs & Education Committee, Website Committee and New Chapter Development Committee.

My children are all adults now (two are PWP members), and I have 8 grandchildren that like to attend PWP activities with me.  Several of my grandchildren have participated in the PWP Children’s Package at the International Conventions in Nashville, Kentucky and Georgia, and have made PWP friends across the country.

I work full-time with Virginia Department of Corrections, and will be retiring in about three more years. In my “spare” time, I enjoy camping, traveling, reading and arts and crafts. I am very active in community events, and have chaired our Relay for Life Team for 14 years.


Zone D President
Harriet West


I joined PWP in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1984 and have been a member since. I was a high school teacher of business subjects for 30 years and have been retired for 20 years now. I have one grown married daughter and am a proud grandmother of one 10 year old grandson.

As a member I have been involved on every level of PWP and especially enjoying the areas of membership and secretary. When our most recent Zone President resigned to take on the International VP of Programming & Family position the board appointed me as President. This position has given me a challenge to lead our Zone as well as participate on the International board. I am currently on the following International committees: Membership, Family & Programming, Elections, and Convention. I hope to use the knowledge I gained as the co-chair of the 1996 International Convention and having been the registrar of several other conventions to keep our conventions interesting and growing. One accomplishment I have is attendance at the last 32 consecutive International conventions.

When not doing PWP business I take time to work on many different types of arts and crafts and also do some quilting and sewing. These projects keep me involved in the FITAP program.


Zone F President
John Marx


 I am a "seasoned” member of PWP having joined in 1988 in St Joseph Mo. I am presently a member of Independence Mo chapter 505. I have lived in or around St Joseph all my life. I am a graduate of Missouri Western State University and have a BS degree in Recreation and Leisure Management. I am employed in the animal health manufacturing industry with 28 years of service. I have two grown children, a son and a daughter, both who are married and have 3 grandchildren.

As a member of PWP I have been involved at all levels. At the chapter level I have served on the Ethics & Grievance committee, V. P. membership, V.P. Family & Youth and chapter President. On the Region level I have served on the Ethics & grievance committee, V P membership, and President. On the zone level I have served as a director and as Adm Vice President. I was elected President in 2011 to a 2 year term ending in 2013. I have also served on the 1999 & 2008 International Convention committees and was Chairman of the 2012 convention. I serve on the following International committees. Nominating, Zone presidents, Elections & Credentials, and Ethics & Grievance. (Chairman).

In my free time I serve as a church school superintend, and on the board of trustees. I have been a member of the Boy Scouts of America for over 45 years and I am an Eagle Scout. I serve the scouts as a unit commissioner, serve on the special events committee and have worked on the local council summer camp staff for 25 years.

Zone H President
SueEllen Hayes


As Zone H President SueEllen sits on the Zone Presidents, Ethics and Grievance, Membership, Community Involvement, Public Relations, Website, Legislative Affairs, and Nominating committees. SueEllen has held many positions at all organizational levels of PWP including but not limited to Chapter and Regional President, Newsletter Editor, VP Family Youth, VP of Programs Education, Secretary and Treasurer. She has been instrumental in establishing chapters in her area. She has served as Zone H Director on IBOD, served two terms as Administrative Vice President and was then elected as Zone H President. SueEllen grew up in the San Francisco/Bay Area in a town called Pleasant Hill, CA. She attended grammar, high school and some college there. She and her children joined Parents Without Partners in 1973. In the years her children were growing up, she spent time as a volunteer in Little League, programs for physically/mentally handicapped children, created workshop information on Alcohol/Drug Abuse for teens, and was a speaker at various schools on Single Parenting. SueEllen recognizes her greatest achievements are her four children. Jeff, married, and is a Chief of Clinical Engineering at O'Conner Hospital in San Jose, CA. Christina is married and lives in Antioch, CA with her husband; and the twins, Michelle who currently at the University of Denver working towards a Master's Degree in Human Sociology and Theresa, married, who is an ER Nurse in Marin, CA. . And of course, there are her grandchildren, who she enjoys - her granddaughters, Nicole and Isabella and her grandson, Dylan.

Zone J President
Sandra MacIntosh


I am a mother of four children. Two girls and two boys. I have been in PWP for 21 years and have held various positions. I have held several positions on the chapter, zone and regional level.

As President of Zone J I look forward to working with the International Board and other Zone Presidents.

Zone L President
Elizabeth McEwen



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PWP International Headquarters posted a new entry in the From PWP's President blog in the group Leadership: International Board of Directors.
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